• Beginning

    This has been a very busy summer, which always seems to be the case for me. I had great plans for writing, for revising, for reading, and with a month left before classes start, I've barely begun on anything. 

    I've also been thinking a lot lately about inspiration and growing as a writer/artist. In Italy, we saw countless masterpieces that inspired later masterpieces. As a poet and a teacher, I know that writers show the most progress when they're simultaneously reading and writing--studying the craft they hope to engage in. I've been shamefully absent in both parts of my own education. 

    So, I'm going to begin. I'm challenging myself to read a collection of poems a week--with all I have coming up in the next few months it should be quite the challenge! 

    I'm not going to rate what I read, but I will write a little bit about each book to keep track and jog my memory later. 

    The first book on my list is Ada Limon's Bright Dead Things. Read along with me!