Honey My Tongue, winner of the 2014 Palooka Press Chapbook Contest, is no longer available for purchase in print. You can, however, still purchase a digital copy here.

Past Readings:

Cal Poly Reading: May 19, 2016

La Phoenikera Reading: September 27, 2015

Caffeine Corridor: November, 2014

Phoenix Poetry Series: April 25, 2014



Interview with John King on Drunken Odyssey 

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"Without Past Lovers," Crab Orchard Review

"Sarah Winchester’s Sestina in Thirteens," Cimarron Review  

"Ode in a Bikini," The Missouri Review  

"Anti-Valentine with Psychics and Cats," Catch-Up: Emerging Writers

"Calamity Jane Informs Wild Bill of His Faults While Visiting His Grave," A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poems

"To Old Men," Rattle 

"Ode to Kevin Costner in Bull Durham," Apalachee Review

"Plate Appearances," Apalachee Review

"Ode to Chance," Connotation Press

"The Age of Generosity," New Madrid

"What I'll Settle For," New Ohio Review

"Finding the Borghese Museum in Rome," The Sow's Ear Poetry Review

"Lucky Horse Shoe," Salamander